Chantilly Virginia Wedding: Melissa + Justin!


Today is our FIRST day in ENGLAND!!! Whoop Whoop! While we may be a tiny bit jet lagged, we are still just so happy to be here! If you didn't know, England is where I call home, and ever since I met Jordan i have been itching to bring him here!! See dreams do come true :)


But not only is today wonderful because I am in the land of tea, but I also get to share one of my most favorite weddings to date! This wedding day is so so near to me because it was one of my best friends weddings! I have known Melissa since the 4th GRADE people!! We grew up together, we played barbies, we played "dogs"... they were there with me through my McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese, hold the cheese ketchup only days (yes thats real life.) And then this incredible girl lived with me through college. And if you know me at all you must know that she is a saint, because I am not exactly a low maintenance roommate. You know what else was awesome about shooting this wedding? I was also a bridesmaid! Shooting weddings and being in the wedding party is not easy, but I have done it 3 times now... and will hopefully make it 4 soon ;) And yes, I will be doing  a blog post on this experience!


Any way, like i said, this girl has been with me through a LOT and I know that she is my own sister through and through. Melissa I love you so much and I am so so happy you have found your soulmate... he is pretty wonderful too! And Justin... take care of her, she is pretty darn special :)


Love, Nicole