Brittany & Mike: Engaged!


Brittany and Mike are just adorable. Really. They are so sweet together, and Brittany is so in love wither her soon to be husband she literally giggles... the cute "I adore you so" kind of giggle. In fact when we asked if they wanted to do a lift shot, Brittany literally lept into Mikes arms, and the two just beamed. It was so incredibly cute, and I loved every moment with them. SO what makes a totally swoon worthy couple even better? A (maybe even cuter) puppy dog, AND some pretty sweet props! This couple was not short on fun that is for sure! Brittany and Mike, we had a fabulous time capturing this part of your journey, and we absolutely adore you both. I mean any bride that maybe wants to play a certain few drinking games at their New York wedding with their grandma is pretty awesome in our books!

So, I "mustache" you a question... do y'all think these two are adorable, or what?

xo Nicole