Better Late Than Never!

The absolute BEST part about being wedding photographers is that we get to spend so much of our time meeting new people, and photographing some of the most beautiful events, filled with so much love! However... there is a downside. Because we spend our days taking photos for other people, and their families (which we A D O R E ) we often find ourselves putting our personal or family photos on the proverbial back burner. One day I will not only figure out the best way to balance this, but I will also find time to make personal photo albums each year, to document our own lives! So with that being said I am so so happy to be sharing these graduation photos! Why is that? Because they are of Greg, Jordan's younger brother! (Fun fact, Jordan is one of FOUR boys! Their poor mum...)  Greg we are so proud of you, and are so happy we got to watch you walk across that stage! We know you are going to do great things out in this world :)   Congrats on graduating (with honors!) and I am so sorry we didn't blog about you sooner!



Jordan and Nicole


greg2Greg_Graduation_050May2014Greg_Graduation_005May2014Greg_Graduation_006May2014greg3Greg_Graduation_007May2014Greg_Graduation_028May2014Greg_Graduation_042May2014greg4Greg_Graduation_033May2014greg5Greg_Graduation_037May2014greg6Greg_Graduation_040May2014Greg_Graduation_049May2014Greg_Graduation_052May2014 And the day was ended with a group selfie! Also pictured is one of Jordan's older brothers, Drew with and his girlfriend, and family friend David :) Greg_Graduation_060May2014