Ashely: Bridals



This past weekend was a pretty exciting one her at TLBS! Not only was it the begging of my favorite month (which means beautiful weather for our weddings,) it is also our own wedding anniversary month, AND it was our very first double header weekend of the year! Yup, thats right, we got to be at TWO stunning weddings this weekend! So with two weddings that means we get to share not one, but TWO gorgeous bridal sessions! First up, is the ever so stunning Ashely! Her and Michael said their sweet vows in an Apex church, then headed downtown to the Stockroom for their reception. Which was epic, since the Bluegrass Festival was going on!! Needless to say I can't wait to share those images with y'all! But for now, can we all just swoon over this pretty girl, her amazing dress, and the stunning light?


And I am also going to go drink (another) PSL. Happy Fall!!


xo Nicole