And so it begins!

I confess.... I have been a total blogging slacker! But for once I can say its not due to a lack of exciting things I want to share, but rather the opposite! We have kicked into high gear for the wedding season, and mix that with astyled shoot, a suprise engagement of a friend, a bidal show, and another friends wedding, somethings gotta give. Now I know there are some (amazing) photographers out there that can seriously do it all. Shoot a wedding every weekend, mentor, teach, have children, and blog every day.... Guys thats just not me yet, but I am trying! Finding balance in this crazy fun industry is hard. 

So here is what I look forward to sharing with all of you before the end of the month I promise!


  • Our first ever styled shoot!  This was so much fun and work all in one. But we had so many great vendors that we worked with that made it a really beautiful shoot! Shout outs to Plum Hair Atelier, Party Reflections, Teal Petal Cakes, Diamonds Direct Crabtree, and Susannah Brinkley!
  • Our wedding show experience! I cant wait to share some of our fun booth!
  • Our sweet friends surprise engagement party!
  • Alex and Kimberlys wedding!


And I am going to end this post with a photo from out sweet friends Courtney and Jesse's wedding last weekend... because who doesnt love an ultra wide selfie?


xo Nicole- the slacking blogger.