An Open Letter...


To my husband,


Today there is the most delicious cool breeze, and the trees are a changing! Pumpkin lattes call our name, and the farmers market sounds just right. These things are pieces of our life that come together and make it magical. But today is special for another reason. Today marks two years since I grabbed onto my daddies arm and made that walk down the aisle to you- my forever. As I took those steps I found myself watching the ground. I know its silly but I knew if I looked up I would cry, and well... I don't like to cry. However silly it may sound, at least you know I took my first steps towards becoming a wife being perfectly me... prideful, secretly emotional, and a little stubborn. But I like to think these imperfections are part of what you love about me.


These past two years have been the craziest, and best years of my life. We have faced so much together... we have faced the heart ache of the loss of family, the struggles of being on a grad student budget (yay for grilled cheese,) we have started not one, but two companies, becoming the entrepreneur dream team as I like to think. We have traveled the world (can we go back to southern france??) and explored the delights of our own home town. When I stumble and start to doubt myself, you pick me up, and when you forget how wonderful you are, in true form, I prove you wrong. This life, may be crazy, but it is insanely beautiful.


This time we have had together, is making me a better person. You show me what it means to be forgiving, and wholly loving. You remind me that I can be a pain in the butt... you teach me compassion, and hard work. You show me what it means to be selfless. Our life together has brought us so far already, and I can not even WAIT to see where it leads us these next two years... especially since there is no sign of us slowing down!



Jordan, I am so proud of you and all you are able to do. You are the definition of a loving husband. Thank you for putting up with me these past two years of marriage, and ill just go ahead and thank you for the next 100 years or so...




Photos by: Greg Fink