A BIG Announcement!!


Life here at TLBS has been VERY exciting lately! A trip to Europe, some seriously education experiences, the kickoff to the second half of wedding season, a website failure, a loss of a years content, an email server failure, and some redesign blips. Its been quite crazy. But all of this has been to work towards something... something we feel is pretty great. If you have been following along with us, especially on instagram (which if you aren't you should, as our mini aussie makes some pretty great appearances) you may have an idea of what is in store for us...  But if not, we are officially saying it OUT LOUD (which is the scary part right???)


We have officially made the transition into being Fine Art Film Photographers!!!!

What the heck does that mean you ask? Well let me break it down for you:

WHAT: We have upgraded our equipment to include a Contax 645, which is an AWESOME medium format film camera! We will be using this camera during our shoots moving forward- eeeekkkk! Since we are just starting to work it into our current systems, it is going to be a gradual transition, so if you have shoots with us over the coming months, your going to start seeing this BEAST of a camera come out. Get excited!

WHY: Why are we choosing to go "backwards" in technology? Shooting film is still the BEST way to capture light, color, contrast and depth!! Even though digital sensors have come a LONG way, the final quality of the product is still not up there with film! Crazy right???  Film also produces a very distinctive look, that I think is perfect for weddings!! Its light, soft and oh so Dreamy Creamy... (too much??) Not convinced??? Go check out some of the industry leaders that also use a medium format camera like ours:

Jose Villa

Erich Mcvey

KT Merry 

HOW: How will this impact TLBS? Well first it is going to make us more intentional about the way we shoot, and truly view each and every frame as a piece of ART!! This is going to help us generate truly heirloom quality images for you to cherish for a life time! We will also have changes here on the backend that don't really affect you guys, but the art of developing and scanning is a whole new world, and very exciting for us. If you want to know more about our process for this don't hesitate to send us an email :) lastly, it is going to affect our shooting in a GOOD WAY! We will have more options with our new equipment, and variety... as YES we will still have and use our digital cameras :) I think I am too much in love with instant gratification to get rid of the ability to see my pictures right away haha.

CLIENT BENEFITS: Really guys, this is all about giving our wonderful couples the best possible collection of images. These film scans (which are delivered to you in a digital format) are the highest quality image we can provide you with! And thats what we really want for you... timeless romantic images that perfectly capture you day in an organic yet artful way.

So while we are implementing this new awesome camera into our company you can expect to see some other exciting changes within TLBS as well! We are growing in SO many ways, and it is OH SO GOOD. Still not convinced? Well then check out some of our newest film work.... and I think you may see the light ;)

xo Nicole

Flowers: Bows and Arrows

Styling: Stefanie Miles

Dress: Tatyana Merenyuk

Hair + Makeup: My Beauty Corner