30 days...

2014-07-08_004_2014_ I can not believe that my big sister is getting married in 30 days! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were just little kids debating on who was going to have the longest dress train on our wedding day. Caroline was CONVINCED her dress would have a train as long as the entire isle...( *dress spoiler alert* No her dress train is not 200ft long.  Sorry guys.) But you know even if the (amazing) dress she chose doesn't have a 200ft train, with giant poofy "Belle/80's" sleeves it is still 100% what I always envisioned for her on her special day. I do not want to give away all the details but I will tell you this- She is going to be just S T U N N I N G, and it is going to be such an elegant day which will be just the perfect mixture of her and her FABULOUS fiancé, Brent.

Now since I mentioned Brent, I am going to do my sisterly babble about this guy. Forgive me for saying this Caroline, but my sisters choices in men have sometimes been...a little odd. And for a little sister, I can get mighty protective, so the phrase "if you hurt her, I will come after you" seemed to be in frequent use. And then I met Brent. Brent- you are the sweetest most perfect guy for my sister, and I can't wait to have you officially* as a brother-in-law! But yes... if you hurt her, I will come after you ;)

Caggy... In 30 days we get to spend the morning preparing for you to walk down the isle towards your soul mate, and we will close the night by dancing away in celebration. I know it will be just perfect (despite all your worries) and it will be the beginning of a wonderful marriage.  I love you, and happy one month before your wedding day day!


xo Pickle